FIVE.  That’s it.  Not one every weekend and two on some.  Just 5.  No more than five weddings a season.  You see, I have some very strong feelings about photography, what it is, what it should be.  And I have just as many opinions as to what approach I believe in taking when photographing weddings, families, seniors, children, etc . .

I don’t claim to be the perfect photographer for everyone.  But for some of you . . . I just may be.

"We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone." - Katie Thurmes

Thank you for visiting the Stacey Kane | Photographer website.  Whether you found your way here by searching, by a personal referral, or even by accident, I am glad you are here! I hope you enjoy your time here.

I take a laid back, playful approach to all of my work, preferring to capture REAL moments, personalities and relationships in natural settings with natural lighting vs staged portraits and artificial lighting.  When I look back on photos of my own family, it isn't whether or not my children were sitting still and proper that tugs on my's the images showing their impish, playful personalities and the love (and sibling rivalry!) they have for each other.  I would love to document the same type of memories for you and your families.